SANTA CLARA, CA • 05/02/20

Team Loopkicks will be at the Evolution Sports Expo with a Tricking event at the top of each hour and plenty of time to meet and greet the team and get tips for your Tricks! We’ll be conducting workshops and open floor sessions for all experience levels with multiple instructors on the floor covering Kicks, Flips, Twists, Combos and more! We have two flavors of demonstrations to share with you – our main tricking performance and our Evo of Tricks demonstration. Our main performance consists of the team mixing creative Martial Arts, chorography, and of course tricks, while our Evo of Tricks demonstration focuses on the learning aspect of tricking.

Promoter Contact Info:
Chris Devera

Mark Mantijo

Rules & Regulations

No shoes, food, or drinks on the spring floor. No drugs or alcohol or anything illegal.

Tricking battle rules will be established soon and will either be time-based or round-based.

Event Highlights

Events: Solo Tricking Battles, Team Battles, Tricking Challenges, Main Tricking Performance, Evo of Tricks Demonstration, Tricking Workshops, and Open Floor.