SANTA CLARA, CA • 05/02/20

The Beast Of The Bay Strength Challenge was launched in 2017 at the Evolution Sports Expo. It was developed from a passion for the sport of strongman, competing and coaching but also to fill the void of the lack of presence of the sport in the Bay Area. We are now running at two local Bay Area competitions a year and working with many organizations to continue to grow the brand and introduce and mature the sport strongman locally. The goal is to connect with various strength athletes, gyms, clubs and organization to build a local strongman community and to ensure that the Bay Area always have quality competitions and give the athletes of the Bay Area an opportunity to compete at a national level with various strongman organizations by training hard and winning the local competition.

Promoter Contact Info:
Tommy Burns
(810) 449-8877

This event will allow athletes to compete and perform various feats of the strength in a competition against other athletes in their weight class/division for an opportunity to win first place for prize, recognition and a invitation to the North American Strongman National Championship where the athlete will have an opportunity to compete and qualify for a invitation to the Strongman World Championship held at the Arnold Classic held annually in Ohio and a shot to win their Strongman Pro Card. IT ALL STARTS HERE!

This is a men event only. Each athlete must have a Strongman Corporation membership and provide proof with their card of proof of purchase email the day of the event at athlete check-in/weigh-ins in order to compete. No membership No competition. No Registration Refund.

The five events will be:

  • Log Clean and Press Away
  • Axle Deadlift
  • Husafell Carry
  • Iron Grip Farmer Handle Hold
  • Atlas Stone Over Bar