SANTA CLARA, CA • 05/02/20

The Peak presents our Speed Climb Event featuring our 30+ foot wall and see if you can beat the Peak Instructors!!! Prizes for the winners and tons of fun in this newly announced Olympic Sporting event!!

Promoter Contact Info:
Jacob Padilla
(510)651.2500 ext. 105

Close-toed Shoes Only

We require close-toed shoes while climbing. You are welcome to wear your own tennis shoes, or you can rent our climbing specific shoes. Shoes made specifically for climbing give you the similar advantage that cleats give you on grass. You don’t need them, but they definitely help out.

Be Comfortable

Wear something athletic. Chances are you’ll be doing a wide range of movement, so wear something comfortable, but also something you won’t mind getting dirty. We wouldn’t want you to get chalk all over that expensive pair of Lulu Lemon pants!