SANTA CLARA, CA • 05/02/20

Technical Bouts Muay Thai will be hosting an event at the Santa Clara Convention Center collaborating with the Evolution Sports Expo . Each other competitor will be able to fight twice for the championship award depending on weight bracket. Come out and gain some great experience as well as bringing the community together. We will be having two matches going on. Championship rounds will be last. Selected bracket winner will receive Muay thai gear.

Promoter Contact Info:
Ryan/Daniel Hodges

Rules and Regulations:

  • Bouts are 1 to 3 rounds, 2-minute rounds for adults. 1:30 for kids. 1 minute rest in between rounds.
  • Foot and hand strikes to the entire body except joints, groin and spine area are allowed.
  • Chest/Body Pads can be used in Junior divisions. (Under 18)
  • Dress Code: Shorts are Mandatory, NO LONG PANTS.
  • NO KNOCKOUTS ALLOWED! There are no Knockouts and, or Technical Knockouts.
  • Awards for bout winners
  • Tournament style, multiple bouts for more advanced competitors.
  • Bouts won on Technique demonstration
  • Variety of attacks earn points -leg strikes -body -clinch work -head strikes
  • Each team gets 1 coach and 1 corner in for free
  • For more information on Rules and Regulations visit